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Award Verification

Welcome to UniSA's Award Verification service where employers or members of the public can check and verify details of all awards conferred to UniSA students since 1991.

This online service allows potential employers to check details such as conferral date and title of award thereby avoiding delays in the employment process. It is part of UniSA's commitment to the use of innovative, new and emerging technologies for the benefit of the community.

The information available via this website is recorded in the University's graduation booklet. The graduation booklet is the official public record of the University's graduation ceremonies. If a more detailed academic transcript is required, this can be obtained by the graduate or with the graduate's consent. The only information that can be provided without the graduate's authorisation is verification of the award of an academic qualification.


Please note

  • Results will not be returned if student has completed a program and is awaiting conferral or graduation.
  • Family name displayed is the student's name at time of conferral.
  • Some students may have awards conferred in reverse name order, where it is the custom in their home country.
  • Date of Birth should be in the following format DD MMM YYYY. For Example "06 Jan 1981" or "27 Nov 1976".
  • A student ID should consist of nine digits. If your ID is less than nine digits and your search is unsuccessful insert additional zeros. For example 7654321 becomes 007654321
  • For difficulties or queries contact